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July 2024 Module: Health Inequities within the D/DB/HH Communities

This module is available between July 1-July 31. The following modules provide an introduction to health inequities within the deaf, deafblind, and hard of hearing (D/DB/HH) communities through an intersectional framework. This module…

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July 2024 webshop: Centering Deaf Professionals in Healthcare settings

This webshop is available between July 1-July 31. This webshop explores the complicated and nuanced work of working as a designated/preferred interpreter for Deaf Professionals within healthcare settings.

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May 2024 webshop: Spoken Language and Sign Language Interpreting in Healthcare Settings

Despite the enormous similarities in our work, sign language and spoken language interpreters often have minimal professional interaction with each other. While co-teaming is more common in some settings, such as medical environments, opportunities for spoken language interpreters and sign language interpreters to team together can be rare. When they arise, both interpreters may be unfamiliar with the co-interpreting process and expectations of the other. This webshop provides….

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February 2024 webshop: Audiology: a Deaf Perspective

This course will be available February 1-29. This offering comes from the explanation and perspective of a Deaf Audiologist. It will introduce you to fundamental background information about the general process of hearing, hearing-related appointments, and assistive technology you may be in contact with during these interactions.

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January 2024 webshop: Human Sexuality

This course will be available January 1-31. This webshop provides an overview of human sexuality and body autonomy. It is important to recognize how cultural differences impact the interpreting needs.

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June 2024 webshop: Human Sexuality 2: Understanding Sexual Identity, Attractions, and Relationships

This course is available between June 1-30. In a world marked by diversity and individuality, understanding sexual identity, types of attractions, and relationships has become more crucial than ever. Our workshop, designed to be an enlightening exploration of these vital topics, invites you…

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