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To access these webshops, please visit Resources on Canvas Commons

These self-directed webshops are interactive mini online classes. They require about 1.5 hours of time. Mini-lectures throughout the webshops are presented in ASL. English captions are available if needed.

We are no longer offering the webshops below for CEUs.

Course available: January 1-31, 2021
Specialized Interpreting: Mental Health 
Course available: February 1-28, 2021
Specialized Interpreting: Addiction and Recovery
Course available: March 1-31, 2021
Specialized Interpreting: Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
Course available: April 1-30, 2021
Intersectionality in Behavioral Health Interpreting
Course available: May 1-31, 2021
Introduction to Deaf/Hearing Teams in Behavioral Health Interpreting
Course available: June 1-30, 2021
Behavioral Health Interpreting: Trauma-Informed Approach

Technology requirements

These modules will be offered through Canvas online learning management system. You must have high-speed internet access and a tablet or computer that supports:

  • Ability to work online and type or video record discussion posts.
  • Ability to record videos.
  • Ability to upload videos to YouTube for sharing with others in Canvas.
  • Ability to access streamed video content.

RID CMP and ACET logo
St. Catherine University is a RID-approved CMP sponsor. These interactive webshops are worth .15 professional studies CEUs each.


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